Think Piece: How To Create A Mindful Bath


Here’s what we know: Even a few minutes of practicing mindfulness every day can change your life. Here’s what else we know. No one thinks they have room in their schedule for “even a few minutes” spent sitting still, breathing.

Luckily, there’s a way to fold it in seamlessly. We won’t call it a mindfulness hack because that wouldn’t be very mindful of us. Plus, it’s almost too easy to call a hack.

The Big Idea

Turn your bathroom into your meditation studio. Here’s what it doesn’t require: A renovation budget, power tools, inspirational posters, a live-in shaman. Here’s what it does call for: A commitment to rethinking the space with a focus on calm, serene touches that skew toward the minimalist. (Sorry, statement shower curtains and hair product collections: Into storage you go.)

We tapped Adrienne Glasser, an LA-based psychotherapist and meditation instructor to explain. “Mindfulness is the practice of attuning to the present moment – essentially, concentrating deeply on a single object,” she explains. “Normally, this is your breath, but it doesn’t have to be.” (Those who tried, and failed, meditation apps are likely glad to hear this.)

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