LCSW, RDMT Private Practice, Director of Services of PRESENT MOMENT

In 2010 it was very clear that innovative ways to help people transform were needed in New York City and Present Moment formed to help those in need. In 2015 our group became devoted to treating the underlying cause of compulsive behaviors, anxiety and high stress levels apparent in New York City among most students and professionals. Science has shown that biologically our nervous systems have not changed much, and that most of us live in a continual state of high alert. Many of our stress levels continue to reflect this pattern of fight, flight and freeze. Our focus has now turned to regulating our nervous system through an integration of traditional therapeutic modalities, with modern, experiential modalities and meditation. Through these innovative ways of integrating modalities and mindfulness, we help our clients achieve greater insight, concentration, calm and overall happiness.

Consultation work, supervision and presentations available upon request call

If you are a therapist interested in joining the practice, please email me directly.

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