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Present Moment is a group that uses mindfulness in therapeutic and innovative ways to alleviate suffering. Our mission is to help others live their lives to the fullest through mindfulness-informed therapies with the starting point of the present moment. We collaboratively work with our participants to help evaluate which ways of coping have outgrown their usefulness and explore new ways of getting “unstuck", leading to less stress, more empowerment and more freedom.


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Inner Shadows & Light: Exploring Our Shadows To Uncover Our True Light Los Angeles 01/27/18 register here

Over time, the light of our true self can guide all aspects of us; allowing for a more integrated sense of wholeness.

In this workshop, we explore how becoming friends with our shadows can unlock the powerful light of our true selves. By exploring what we readily show the world, we cultivate curiosity towards what we hide from both others and ourselves.

Through meditation, role-play and guided movement, we will learn about how our sense of self is not solid, but rather an extraordinary variation and flux from which much strength, courage, confidence and calm can be cultivated.

Come enjoy these playful, grounding and transformative practices in community with others.

Cost: $55/ $45 Members
11159 La Maida St. North Hollywood, 91601
Adrienne Glasser, curator of connection, is an IFS life coach working with individuals in uncovering their true self.
Cancellation up to 48 hours for account credit

Body Empowerment Series with Liah Rozenman, LCAT

6-part series on how to feel more at home in your body.
To help those struggling with 

  • Poor sense of body image/body awareness
  • Need for increased self-esteem/self-worth
  • Compulsive food and/or exercise behaviors or
  • Those having difficulty starting a routine with movement/exercise

Role-play, mindfulness, movement and traditional talk therapy will help group members feel a greater sense of support and empowerment around embodiment.

To register contact